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K E W   G A R D E N S  &  T H E    B E A C H E S

                     Kew Gardens

Bard in the Park has the good fortune of performing in one of the

most unique and picturesque settings in the city Kew Gardens has

been a public park used for various event and festivals for more

than 100 years. Located at the north end of the park The Alex Christie

Bandshell, is home to a number of events, including Bard in the Park,

 the Beaches International Jazz Festival and the Beach Celtic Festival

Kew Gardens is one of the main hubs of activity for The Beaches.


                     The Beaches


This idyllic area of the city is a perfect place to host Shakespeare

outdoors. Steps from Lake Ontario and full of lush greenery this area 

sets the perfect scene for many of the great Bard's works.

The Beaches is easily accessible by bike, foot and transit (501 Queen

Streetcar, 64 Main Street bus or the 92 Woodbine bus). Driving can be a bit

of a challenge as parking is very sparse, Bard encourages patrons to use

alternative methods whenever possible.



Bard in the Park is grateful the Beaches community has continued to welcome us back every year. Without the support of this community Bard in the Park could not exist.

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